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May 20 2018

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Apparently this guy was at his mother in law’s house and they were all going through photo albums and he sees he photobombed his wife 11 years before they even met. I fucking love this.

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Less shitty Imgur version: http://i.imgur.com/KME1wQP.gif

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What Would A Mediocre White Man Do? (new mantra to live by!)

this is SO REAL both the specific case and the broad case in the specific case: if you actually met 100% of the requirements they couldn’t afford you I tell this to every woman I talk to job hunting about APPLY ANYWAY THE MEDIOCRE WHITE MEN ARE DOING IT (via @galwednesday)

“if you actually met 100% of the requirements they couldn’t afford you”

I really needed to hear this. I had never thought of it this way. This literally never occurred to me, I’ve just spent my whole adult life thinking I was underqualified for everything. Thinking I’m not good enough for anything because the “minimum requirements” are so high.

I need specifics. I wanna know what I can get away with. I wanna know what they really mean by “minimum.” I wanna know how much I’m actually worth.

As someone who worked in hr, this is true.

True to the point that if someone was extremely unqualified, but because of timing we were desperate, we’d bend rules to get them hired. And the only people taking advantage of this were guys.

if you actually met 100% of the requirements they couldn’t afford you

this made so much click in my head. because this was literally it–spend half the time being unqualified for everything and just not applying. and the rest of the time being qualified and not getting hired. because ahahaha fuck you, you’re too expensive now/we’re too worried you’ll jump ship and leave us because of how qualified you are! guess we’ll just hire this shitty dude to do it !? ?

I debated posting this here but WWAMWMD? He’d post it. #girlgogetyours

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Still from a WIP video

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